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Manteca's Homeless Hate Laws • Part 1 • BRAVE NEW FILMS

The city of Manteca has outlawed all makeshift housing and homeless encampments. With no plans to build a permanent homeless shelter, these laws put peoples lives in jeopardy as colder weather and an increasing hostile police force moves in. SIGN THE PETITION: SUBSCRIBE:

Criminalizing homelessness does nothing to solve the problem -and is far more expensive than alternatives that have worked in other cities:

Raw video of city council passing the Homeless Hate Laws.
The Manteca City Council starts their meeting with a prayer, pose for a “Homeless & Runaway Awareness Month” photo op, then pass Homeless Hate Laws that effectively make it illegal to be homeless in Manteca.

Immediately afterwards, the Manteca city council approved $10,300 for the chief of police to buy two money-counting machines to count the money seized during asset forfeitures. When asked if any of the funds would be used to help the homeless, the police chief replied no -funds from asset forfeiture are earmarked to buy an armored vehicle. Manteca does NOT need ANOTHER armored vehicle.

The next month, they made it illegal to rummage through garbage for food or recyclables.

Even before these ordinances were passed, homeless residents face hatred and brutality from Manteca police. Earlier this year, Manteca Police officer Ben Cromwell savagely beat a homeless veteran -after waking him at gunpoint:

This video clearly shows the officer initiate an unnecessary attack -brutalizing the disoriented veteran for several minutes and leaving behind a pool of blood.

Manteca just approved $1,160,00 to build a community center to house the local VFW -but there are essentially no services to help most homeless people (including homeless veterans). The services that are offered up as “help” aren’t even IN Manteca:

Manteca’s plan to solve homelessness is nothing more than an attempt to round all homeless people up and ship them out to the next town -passing the buck to other cities that have their own housing challenges.

Contact City Council and tell them to consider alternatives:

Stephen “Steve” DeBrum – Future Mayor of #Manteca
(209) 456-8017

Willie W. Weatherford – Current Mayor (retiring)
(209) 456-8017

John W. Harris – Councilman
(209) 456-8017

Debby Moorhead – Councilwoman
(209) 456-8017

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