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Marcus Rashford takes on UK government leaders again


Aside from all the other weirdness this year–political and epidemiological–the headlines barely registered, which is perhaps indicative of just how bizarre a place Britain has become in late 2020. 

But step back, place yourself in the world as it stood in spring 2016, before the Brexit vote, before anybody knew what a coronavirus was, and think how odd it would seem that a Manchester United forward was fighting with government ministers over school meal provisions. 

Marcus Rashford has emerged as one of the heroes of the crisis, not just because he has highlighted the issue of child poverty, but because he has had the wherewithal and the energy to put together programs to tackle it and, perhaps even more importantly, the political savvy to shame the government into acting. Rashford’s campaigning first came to prominence in June when he raised the issue of children who received free school meals going hungry over the summer holidays. Having initially rejected pleas to extend the free meals program, the government backed down in the face of the public outcry in support of Rashford. 


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