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Masonic bikers spend Christmas Eve helping the homeless


PEORIA (HOI) – A group of Masonic bikers is giving back this holiday season, providing clothing and meals to homeless people in Central Illinois.

Each Christmas Eve, the One Five Widows Sons hosts a Feed the Homeless event in which group members go out in the community and give to those most in need.

Donations include food, clothes, blankets, and even camping gear like tents.

“We have an overabundance of supplies that people have donated, and we don’t want them to go to waste,” said Robert Hunsicker, a member of the One Five Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association.

“So we’re going to have probably a spring and summer event as well this year where we’re going to go out and try to get back to see if there is a need. We’ll help fulfill it in any way we can,” Hunsicker added.

One of the group members said this year, because of COVID-19 concerns, most of organizing has been virtual, and participants are also taking precautions like mask-wearing and limiting the number of people at group events.


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