Massive Fire broke out in Rohingya Refugee Camp – UN Women in Joint Response

On 22 March 2021, a devastating fire broke out in three Rohingya refugee camps in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar killing 11 refugees and leaving more than 10,000 households without shelter. UN Women along with other UN Agencies and support from the Government of Bangladesh, continue to work together to meet the immediate needs of 48,300 individuals who lost their homes and personal belongings.

Women and children helpdesk and all Multi-Purpose Women Centres at camp – 9 were destroyed whereas shelters, latrines, healthcare centres and water points were partially and fully damaged. Women, adolescent girls and children are at high risk of security due to the unavailability of shelter, sanitary latrines, lighting facility and abaya (hijab). Unsafe living areas, sexual harassment and violence are reported as the main concerns for women’s safety. In particular, lactating and pregnant mothers are the acute sufferer of a scarcity of food. Additionally, women and adolescent girls who are having menstrual periods are facing difficulties since they have no sanitary napkins or hygienic clothes.


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