Masterclass Kiss Waxing

“Tired of irritated skin, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps? Kiss Waxing Strip Sugar has the solution. This innovative brand has developed “”the first mess-free hair removal”” system for a clean alternative to conventional waxing techniques. No more worrying about expensive wax treatments or other complicated and clunky at-home treatments that just don’t work. Kiss Waxing’s all natural, water soluble and 100% sanitary wax is vegan, safe for all skin/hair types, and made from just three simple ingredients: sugar, water and lemon. Ultra user-friendly and incredibly gentle, simply pop the squeezable bottle into the microwave and prepare for smooth, supple skin quickly and easily with their cotton waxing strips and soothing pre- and post- waxing essentials including a Skin Cleanser, Skin Tonic, Skin Moisturizer, and wooden spatulas. This is “simple, safe and effective hair removal at its best.”
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