Medical Sciences and Biotechnology. Romanian – American Scientists beyond the Innovation Limits

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Joint Declaration on the Implementation of the Strategic Partnership for the 21st Century between Romania and the United States of America (September 13, 2011 – Washington D.C.), the Consulate General of Romania in Los Angeles, together with members of the Romanian-American academic community on the West Coast of the United States and in Romania, organize a series of scientific conferences and communications to highlight the important contributions of Romanian scientists and professors to the global progress of society, science and technology, as well as adapting and preparing new generations of specialists to the realities and challenges of the present and future of mankind.
In the above mentioned context, the Consulate General of Romania in Los Angeles and ”Renasterea! Foundation organized on April 28, 2021 the online event
„ Medical Sciences and Biotechnology .Romanian –American Scientists Beyond the Limit of Innovation for Curing the Incurable”
Te conference presentation HERE.
The online symposium hosted by Cosmin Dumitrescu, the Consul General of Romania in Los Angeles, offered to all participants a framework for a high level forum and provided a new perspective of the latest developments of medical sciences, technologies and health security. It brought together top Romanian – American experts and leading researchers from universities and biotech companies from the U.S.A. and Romania, as well as outstanding civil society representatives.
The scientists realized a deep analysis of the new visions and perspectives of the international cooperation framework aimed at global health security and addressing the main challenges for curing incurable diseases through innovation and bold scientific initiatives that used to be considered taboos until recently.
The high level scientific event provides an insight to the major forthcoming issues and challenges during and after the COVID19 pandemic, offering an excellent occasion to continue the dialogue within the framework of the Academic Dimension of the Strategic Partnership between the United States of America and Romania.

Key speakers and presentations:

 Dr. Adrian Bot – Towards Curative Interventions through Immune Engineering (Kite Pharma – Gilead);
 Dr. Alexandru Mărmureanu – Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery (UCLA);
 Mihaela Geoana – Closing the Healthcare Gap – the Way Forward (Fundația Renașterea);
 Prof. Dr. Leonard Azamfirei – Quo Vadis Romanian Medical Research (Univ. Medicină Tg
 Prof. Dr. Caius Radu – Novel Approaches to Image and Target Nucleotide Metabolism in
Autoimmune Disorders and Cancer (UCLA);
 Prof. Dr. Radu Moldovan – Fluorescence Correlation Methods in Biomedical Research (Univ.
Medicină Denver);
 Dr. Remus Oșan – Emerging Data Science Approaches in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical
Research (Gilead);

Cosmin Dumitrescu, PhD
Consul General of Romania in Los Angeles


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