Milwaukee is a human trafficking hot spot. How one group is helping.

Arnold Cifax wore a wristband announcing that he stands against human trafficking during the Nov. 25 kickoff of HEMAD's 2019 campaign.

With poverty and homelessness expected to rise as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage, advocates are concerned that an increase in human trafficking is sure to follow.

One Milwaukee initiative is focusing on the demand side of that problem.

The HEMAD campaign — Human trafficking Educators working with Men and boys Against the Demand — invites men to learn about human trafficking and take a pledge to fight it. 

The campaign was started out of Milwaukee’s Convergence Resource Center in November 2018. The center has helped women who are survivors of trauma since it opened in 2004.

“We thought we’d help them at the center and help them get resources, but over the years, it has just evolved into working with trafficking survivors,” said Carla McKiver, who along with Debby Lassiter co-founded the organization.

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