Minecraft Server Games Charity UHC for Breast Cancer Research – Episode 4

Welcome to the #MCTheServerGames Charity UHC for Breast Cancer Research.

This was a 94 person multi server UHC held on October 17th and streamed to help raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can still support this very worthy cause. To help support this cause you can DONATE here;

This UHC is sponsored by @Vansdesign_ who created all of our graphics. You can find him at:

Many thanks to @ApproachNirvana for supplying album giveaway codes for the event

Participating Servers (Teams)

FS – Fullstack
2PINK – Evil Fullstack
MNI – Omnislabs
SMB – SMBLiveServer
RC – RainCloud
CC – ColonyCraft
MPIRE – Mpire
GG – Godiva Gaming
SF1 – SuegoFaults Team #1
SF2 – SuegoFaults Team #2
SF3 – SuegoFaults Team #3
SUB – Suburbia
TMW – MtWoeBeGone
TC – Too Crafty
HMINE – Hypermine
BS – BlockShock
LnF – Lofty & Friends
OC – OxyCraft
WoM – World of Madness
HNOVA – HyperNova
GZC1 – Godzillacraft Team#1
GZC2 – Godzillacraft Team#2

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Outro templates provided by VansDesigns:

Music – “Vanes” and “Hitman”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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