You are currently viewing Monster School: BABY WITHER SKELETON WAS HOMELESS – Minecraft Animation

Monster School: BABY WITHER SKELETON WAS HOMELESS – Minecraft Animation

Wither skeleton was homeless! What happened then?
✦ A Minecraft Life Animation, related to the Monster School Series ✦

✦ Animation / Rigs by Ghostblock Animations

✦ MAP ✦
Burgers Fastfood created by RedNeutron

CYL City MAP created by Chiayanglingonzalez

Nether House MAP by created by

✦ Rig/Stuff Creator ✦

KEN Facial Rig by Kenimation

POLICE CAR Rig made by Dawid24M

♪ Music Credit ♪

♪ Kevin Macleod – Dispersion Relation
♪ Kevin Macleod – Fluffing a Duck
♪ Kevin Macleod – Hitman
♪ Kevin Macleod – Kool Kats
♪ Kevin Macleod – Killers
♪ Kevin Macleod – Marty Gots a plan
♪ Kevin Macleod – Royal Banana
♪ Kevin Macleod – Sneaky Adventure
♪ Kevin Macleod – Thatched Villagers

♪ These music are made by Kevin Macleod (
♪ Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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This is an 8 Minute Monster School animation, Minecraft Monster school. Based on Minecraft Life, Monster School Life animation. This is a story about a Wither Skeleton Life. Wither Skeleton has become homeless and now need to find someone or somewhere to get himself some meals and shelter. Poor baby doesn’t even know where to go and already become Minecraft homeless. Anyways, this is still a funny animation, monster school funny animation and it’s similar to other homeless herobrine monster school animations.

Hope you enjoy this little animation! Have a nice day everyone 😉

This animation is brought to you by Ghostblock Animations / Ghostblock Animation.

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