More Than 1,000 Homeless People Admitted To Government Shelter Homes


The plight of homeless people has comparatively improved in the lockdown period with many of them getting admitted to government shelter homes in Chennai.

As per the official data, between March 23 and November 1 up to 1,446, homeless people got admitted to government shelter homes across Chennai. When compared with the normal situation, the officials say that this number is more than double the usual admissions that take place.

An official from the wing for the homeless department in the city corporation said that more than 150 homeless persons were admitted every month since March. The usual admissions that used to take place were anywhere between 50-60.

According to the officials, one of the primary reason could definitely be the pandemic situation that has affected many economically and mentally.

It was also shared that at least 70 per cent of them who got admitted are educated. Even after having either graduate or postgraduate degrees, it is a sad state to see many of them ending up in shelter homes. Many of them have lost jobs or could not find jobs due to the pandemic. At the same time, the total admissions of senior citizens have increased.

Another problem with admission in private homes during the lockdown was that they were not allowing new admissions without a negative COVID-19 certificate.

Many people who could not take care of the elderly in their homes and are suffering financially have left them at government homes. Presently, the corporation has taken initiative to provide psychiatric therapy to most of the homeless as the pandemic has adversely affected their mental health.

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