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Mother of two ‘always nervous about being homeless again’


Ariel Watkins of West Price Hill calls her sons Amar, 6, left, and Amir, 4, "My miracle babies." Both boys have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The Enquirer and United Way of Greater Cincinnati have joined forces for the 34th year to help families in need with the Wish List program. This is the last of eight stories that will run this month.

Ariel Watkins has just finished another shift as a grocery store deli clerk. She picked up her two boys from day care, and now they are home on the rented second floor of a two-family house in West Price Hill. An artificial Christmas tree helps brighten a corner of their living room. Watkins sits on a dilapidated sofa, near the table and beat-up chairs someone threw way. She found them on the street.

Watkins, age 34 and single, is describing her life journey. “Up and down,” she says, “with I’m-ready-to-give-up moments, like I can’t do this anymore. But every time I look at them” – she motions to her sons, Amar, 6, and Amir, 4 – “I know I can’t give up on them.”


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