Moukit, Jenkins Spread the Warmth with coat drive

BROCKTON — As a crowd of customers glance over in the westside Walmart, and the sounds of electronic beeping from the cash register can be heard, their eyes are locked on 200 coats ready for purchase.  

Max Moukit, 23, and Jason Jenkins, 22, spent a recent Friday afternoon purchasing $2,000 worth of coats for the homeless in Brockton.  

Spread The Warmth Brockton is an initiative started by Moukit and Jenkins to give back this winter due to the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the homeless population in Brockton. They partnered with the Brockton YMCA and Father Bill’s and Mainspring on the project.  

The pair was inspired to help their community by the crippling poverty they witnessed throughout Brockton growing up. Currently, 14.8% of Brockton residents are living in poverty, well above the Massachusetts rate overall of 9.4%, according to the United States Census. 

Brockton friends Jason Jenkins, 22, and Maxwell Moukit, 23, donate over 300 jackets to area shelters, delivering some of them to the Old Colony Y Family Life Center in Brockton on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021.

“Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the pandemic Jason and I wanted to give back since so many people are out of jobs and probably can’t afford hats and coats,” Moukit said.  

“It breaks my heart to drive through the city and witness people living under a bridge, sleeping in the cold and struggling to keep warm. It truly hurts seeing people walking shivering in a snowstorm.”  

Maxwell Moukit, 23, of Brockton carries jackets for families at the Old Colony Y Family Life Center in Brockton on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021. Moukit and his friend Jason Jenkins, 22, have bought $2,000 worth of jackets to be donated to local shelters.

Jenkins understands firsthand the value of receiving help because he grew up less fortunate but had hard-working parents who tried their best to give him a better life.  

“I was always raised to appreciate what I had. I remember every year getting a coat from my church and being appreciative. I also knew it would put less stress on my parents because then they wouldn’t have to go out and buy me one with everything they had going on,” Jenkins said. 

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