Muslim Philanthropy: An Act of Faith

In this video you will learn how to position your charity to be more diverse and take a lead in promoting cross cultural and inter-religious avenues to enhance your outreach. Learn about religious philanthropic traditions and charitable practices in Islam. As one of the largest global religions, and most misunderstood, this timely discussion provides insight into engaging Muslims in your mission.

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03:51 First Poll: What motivated you to join this conversation?
06:19 Islamic Tenets
08:27 Islam in America
13:50 What is Zakat?
17:22 Muslim Philanthropies and Major Nonprofits
23:46 What to consider before reaching out
28:51 Checklist for engaging Muslims

41:02 Q&A and Recommended Trainings
42:26 Q: In a nonprofit does not currently segment donors by religion, what is a good place to start?
45:44 Q: What suggestions do you have for folks in the grant writing sphere?
47:51 Q: Can you provide an example of a useful survey structure for collecting information about donors’ religious identity?
52:12 Q: What practical advice do you have for advancing professionalization in Muslim nonprofits?
55:23 Q: Is there anything similar to giving circles in the Muslim community?
57:54 Q: If we are not a Muslim organization is it appropriate to make it clear that you are intentionally targeting Muslim donors during Islamic holidays?
1:01:00 Q: Are there strategies or practices you recommend we implement into our board recruitment process to help recruit a Muslim board member?
1:04:19 Q: Are there any organizations in the Muslim community that focus on placing Muslim professionals in boards?
1:05:25 Q: Do Millennial Muslims participate in philanthropy in a manner similar to their parents? How traditional is their giving?
1:09:03 Question: What are your thoughts on crowdfunding as a style and platform for Muslim philanthropy?


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