Nagoya Minami HS Green Band – 2014 Green Band Festival Benefit Concert

From Nagoya, Japan
Nagoya Minami High School Green Band performing a benefit concert on Thursday, January 2nd 2014 with 100% of the proceeds going to the victims of the recent massive tornadoes near Oklahoma City. The Green Band Association has identified two schools, Plaza Towers and Briarwood Elementary Schools in the Moore, Oklahoma Public School District who will receive this year’s donations.

About the Green Band Association:
The Green Band Association was organized to perform Charity concerts worldwide, with the proceeds donated to benefit environmental causes, including victims of natural disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, etc. Most of the concerts are performed by Japanese high school and college students with around 1500 students since 1998 having performed in concerts, most of which have been in the United States.

When the band performs Stand Alone (starting at 34:15), students take turns and go out to the audience and give their host families small gifts as a way of thanking them for opening their doors while on their Southern California tour.

About Nagoya High School Honor Green Band:
This year’s band is an honor band composed of students from Nagoya Minami High School, Nagoya Minami, located immediately next to Nippon Gaishi Arena, is the newest school in Nagoya. The band has performed in various locations and has competed in the Spring International Music Festival in Shanghai, All-Japan Marching Contest, All-Japan Wind Instrument Competition in Yokohama, and the Combined Brass Contest.

Nagoya Minami’s motto is “The sound of Nagoya Minami resounds in the heart”. Mr. Makoto Kato is the head of the Nagoya Minami High School Chemistry Department where he has taught for 21 years. He has been the band director for the past 19 years. Impressive group and staff!

00:08 – Warming up
00:38 – Welcome remarks
02:02 – America, the Beautiful
05:42 – Welcome remarks, introducing Nagoya Minami
09:26 – South Rampart Street Parade
13:55 – Funny Slides
16:26 – Fanfare for the Common Man
19:59 – The Valiant Green Company by Frank Duarte
24:09 – Concert remarks
25:15 – Disney Medley
33:47 – Stand Alone – Thanking Host Families
1:01:40 – Tequila
1:06:01 – Gangnam Style (PSY)
1:11:30 – The Stars and Stripes Forever
1:17:25 – The Stars and Stripes Forever (partial)
1:19:48 – The Stars and Stripes Forever (partial)
1:21:20 – Final remarks


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