NCCN Patient Webinar: Ovarian Cancer

Experts provide information and answer questions about ovarian cancer to help patients and caregivers compare, discuss, and select treatment options with their doctor. See list below for topics discussed. Please note that this is a not an accredited activity.

Topics Discussed:
00:00 – Welcome and Introductions
2:12 – Incidence and Survival Rates
4:04 – Types and Histology
8:36 – Staging and Grading
17:14 – Surgical and Medical Treatment
37:35 – Symptom Management
57:58 – Communicating with Your Caregivers
1:00:46 – Resources
1:05:51 – Survivorship
1:04:01 – Question and Answer Session
1:49:30 – Closing Remarks

Question and Answer Session:
1:04:21 – If ovarian cancer is advanced Stage III could it also be considered metastatic disease? Or is it only M1 disease which is always Stage IV?
1:05:21 – Does grade of tumor affect likelihood of recurrence?
1:05:48 – Overall, with all this updated treatment options, how has the survival rate improved for ovarian cancer patients?
1:06:56 – Is there anything promising for clear cell carcinoma, particularly PARP inhibitors or immunotherapies?
1:09:09 – If you are sterilized, can you still develop OC?
1:10:50 – Is there an IP ONLY arm?
1:12:00 – In estrogen receptor positive ovarian cancer, are anti estrogen therapies used in breast cancer effective in those tumors?
1:13:22 – In light of the advancement in targeted therapy for ovarian cancer, what molecular pathology tests are currently requested to aid the management and treatment of patients?
1:15:08 – Is cold-capping recommended for OC patients or is there enough risk of scalp cancer?
1:16:41 – Recommendations for follow up (post staging surgery) frequency of blood tests/imaging, etc.?
1:18:51 – Does Vitamin B12 help with reducing neuropathy?
1:20:26 – Please speak to endometroid stage 1C treatment after very limited recurrence.
1:21:10 – How do you follow a patient with a normal CA125 at diagnosis with advanced stage OC?
1:22:49 – What things can cause CA125 to remain high that are not cancer?
1:24:50 – CA125 monitoring is the standard of care, but is not helpful to monitor recurrent disease especially if it was never above normal to begin with. What advancements are there to detect recurrent disease earlier?
1:28:57 – Once symptoms present (abdominal pain), if diagnosis is delayed by 3-4 months, is this time delay significant enough to mean the difference between treatment being successful or not?
1:31:23 – Has any specific study been done recently for clear cell ovarian cancer?
1:33:21 – Can the stage change over time from 3C to stage 4 after surgeries & treatments are failing?
1:35:30 – Is it true that if you are sterilized, you should not develop OC?
1:37:55 – Difference between epithelial cancer and fallopian tube cancer, stage IVB, grade 3, high-grade serous.
1:39:39 – Treatments for platinum resistant HRD with normal BRCA
1:41:27 – Does immunotherapy work for recurrent advanced ovarian cancer?
1:44:25 – Is Leukemia possible due to PARP inhibitors?
1:46:48 – What is the role of genetic counseling/genetic testing? Should everyone with OC get it?
1:47:33 – Can PARP inhibitors help when no BRCA mutation but there is PALB2 mutation?
1:48:46 – Is the PARP inhibitor off the table if you had family history of MDS & died from Leukemia?

The Patient Webinars: Ovarian Cancer occurred in August 2021. This informational program was created in conjunction with the recently updated NCCN Guidelines for Patients® for Ovarian Cancer. (

The NCCN Guidelines for Patients are available to read and download for free online and via the NCCN Patient Guides for Cancer mobile app. Printed editions can be ordered from for a small fee.

NCCN Guidelines for Patients DO NOT replace the expertise and clinical judgment of the clinician.
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