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New project underway

Single family home , which includes 3 bedrooms a garage, porch, living room, dining room, patio and 2 bathrooms.

A massive housing project is underway that the Richard Evans foundation is set to be Sponsoring along with other high profile non profit organizations.

The housing project will consist of single Family homes for woman ,Who have children and suffer with varying degrees of mental Health Delays, issues and problems, which has their personal lives in Disarray including being unable to sustain permanent housing ,Meaningful relationships and gainful employment.

This program is a pacific mix of housing and mental health development making it different from your typical housing or shelter environment. The families get to live on the property as long as they need to. Once they feel ready to go out on their own and into society and no longer need to have intensive residential treatment, they may do so.If They feel that they cannot make it independently after an annual evaluation by the therapist or psychologist, they may continue treatment , and reside in the community as long as they are attending to their mental health needs. There is no set date to leave, like the normal women shelters of the inner cities.

As the women receive treatment, they get better and then they are able to make better decisions for their lives, and At some point as they choose to leave, they will be armed with the tools that they have acquired so that they may go out in the world and contribution to society as a whole .

The only criteria for the women, is that they deal with the on-site therapist and their psychologist on a weekly basis, paying attention to their mental health and taking responsibility for participating in the Healing Of their mental pain, anguish and setbacks. Those who do not choose to participate in the mental health healing that is mandated by the program, will be subject to being expelled .

Some single mothers and their children will inevitably have to reside in the community indefinitely due to the unfortunate fact that they cannot live in society without independent living assistance so there will be permanent families in the community. we are prepared for this fact. They will be in a section for residence with permanent housing.

We at the Richard Evans foundation strongly believe that the many single mothers with kids who find themselves in homeless situations, from partner to partner, child after child from wedlock relationships that fail continuously , are on government assistance for extended lengths, and often unable to keep stable employment, that this is not a problem of disobedience as it may seem on the surface. This is why so many institutions punish these mothers and do everything from kicking them out of housing and shelter to denying them employment and opportunity to get the true help that they need.

This is actually a problem that needs to be addressed by professionals to help and develop strategies, So these mothers can begin to be rehabilitated. We feel these moms are not being rebellious, but that they lack the proper tools to help them be productive citizens and responsible and reliable mothers to serve their children And have meaningful relationships and long-term gainful employment.

We are excited about this program. We think it will be a great program that helps a lot of mothers. The units will be 1 story homes with 3 bedrooms in each home. The community will be a gated community with a security guard in the front at all times, 24 hour round the clock security system with a laundry facility on site and various other services that the women and children will need, including employment resources and counseling.

It was highly Necessary to Construct this type of secure private community for inner-city single mothers at risk because it is not enough to give them help but then allow them to reside in the same neighborhood that caused the destruction in the first place. Like Oprah Winfrey once said, You can’t give these girls temporary help, but their permanent housing is in neighborhoods that is detrimental to them. because this approach will not work . They must be removed and only then can rehabilitation and help be successful .

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