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America’s Got Talent has awarded many Golden Buzzers throughout the years, but it’s unlikely that anything will ever be as moving as Nightbirde’s audition. Her family plans to release new music from the late singer, keeping her memory alive. Many people will remember the late singer’s audition for many years to come. Now, viewers can tune into the new season of AGT to see if any more memorable Golden Buzzer performances will be showcased onscreen. One thing is for certain, which is the fact that Nightbirde will live on forever, and will always be a part of the AGT family.During the Tuesday, July 5 episode of America’s Got Talent, viewers got to see Simon Cowell and Terry Crews count down the greatest Golden Buzzers throughout the history of the show. Ranked at number one was Simon Cowell’s from 2021 (Nightbirde), who sadly passed away in February, at 31-years-old, after battling cancer. Now, Simon is revealing why the singer was his favorite Golden Buzzer of all time

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