NIH: Fauci's Royalties 'Appearance' of Conflict of Interest; SCOTUS Meeting 1st Time Since Leak

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00:00 NTD Midday News- 5/12/2022
01:30 Abortion Bill Fails in U.S. Senate
03:18 Poll: 76% Disapprove of SCOTUS Home Protests
03:59 Pro-Life Group Hires Armed Security
06:30 Candidate for PA Gov. Challenged Over Jan. 6
07:55 Early Voting Underway For Arkansas Primaries
09:46 NIH: pharma Royalties to Fauci Present ‘Appearance’ of Conflict on Interest
12:09 Moderna Exec Resigns One Day After Taking Job
12:55 Coastal Fire Rips Through S. California Homes
14:49 TX Law Forces Removal of Instagram Filters
15:32 Florida Bans Deadly New Class of Drug
16:36 U.S. Baby Formula Shortage Intensifies
18:38 Limits of Fetal Viability Expand
20:47 NV: Lake Mead Water Levels Reach Historic Low
22:35 Remains in Drying Lake Recall Vegas Mob Lore
24:40 Vegas Hotel Gives $5K Awards to all Employees
26:01 Trump Hotel to Reopen as Waldorf Astoria
29:25 Finland Announces Plan to Join NATO
30:09 Residents of Norway Town Coexist Amid War
32:22 Russia Not Engaging in Prolonged War Would Challenge Kremlin’s Authority: Analysis
33:34 Prolonged War in Ukraine Would Drive Up U.S. Inflation Benefit Defense Contractors: Analysis
35:06 Analysis: ‘Profoundly Disruptive’ Barbarity in Ukraine War, Per Open Source and Contacts on the Ground
36:18 Rafael Nadal Defends Russian Tennis Player
38:03 North Korea Confirms ‘1st’ Cases of Covid-19
39:12 Marcos Jr. to ‘Hit the Ground Running’
43:53 Image of Black Hole at Center of Milky Way
45:05 Nickelodeon Filming ‘Fantasy Football’ Movie
47:14 Concert Goers Return to Live Shows
49:18 Cambodian Fishermen Discover Giant Stingray
50:15 12 Foot Dinosaur Fossil Found in Glacier
51:15 Florida: Motorists Help Save Woman’s Life

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NIH: Fauci’s Royalties ‘Appearance’ of Conflict of Interest; SCOTUS Meeting 1st Time Since Leak


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