No room at the inn-John Thomson to narrate film highlighting plight of homeless children


A new film narrated by Cold Feet actor John Thompson will highlight the plight of homeless children.

A child is made homeless every 8 minutes in Britain A staggering 135,000 children are living in temporary accommodation – bed and breakfasts and hostels – totally unsuitable for family life.

The film from the Diocese of Salford as part of the charity Caritas Advent appeal will feature Rochelle, Nikki and Quinton who have all experienced homelessness and are sharing their unique personal story to highlight how they were helped by the love and support of a Caritas frontline service.

John Thomson was himself a benefactor of Caritas Catholic Children’s Rescue Society, adopted to his ‘forever home’ as a baby.

Launching early to coincide with World Day of the Poor, the Caritas Advent Appeal will raise funds for all of those without a permanent home.

If you would like to run a virtual fundraiser for this appeal, please speak to Rachel Taylor on 0161 817 2285 or by email  



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