You are currently viewing OH&S Fundamentals for Women's Shelters #2  Safety Management Systems 101

OH&S Fundamentals for Women's Shelters #2 Safety Management Systems 101

Need an OH&S overhaul? This is the second in a series of webinars that will guide you in the process of updating your current OH&S system or implementing a new one.

You have the Safety Manual Template, you’ve started your Formal Hazard Assessments, what’s the next step? Safety Management Systems are more than policy papers and binders of forms. They are the regular activities, practices and procedures that fulfill those policies and keep your work-sites safe. They not only fulfill your organization’s due diligence obligations they also contribute to a workplace where employees feel valued, competent, empowered and safe.

This webinar will covers:
– Principles of Safety Management
– OH&S Communication & Leadership
– Legislation Requirements
– Inspections
– Incident Reporting & Investigation
– Qualifications, Orientation & Training
– Emergency Response Planning
– Health & Safety Committees and Representatives
– and more!

Who should watch?
– Shelter Managers
– Operations Managers
– Facility Managers
– Team Supervisors/Leads
– Joint Work-site Committee Chairs/Members
– Anyone who has OH&S responsibility

ACWS worked with Astrid and four member organizations (operating emergency, second stage and social enterprise in urban and rural areas) to create the ACWS OH&S Safety Management System Template.

Astrid Mitchell is an OH&S consultant and an Alberta Motor Transport Association Internal Auditor with a diploma in OH&S from the U of A Faculty of Extension. She has developed a passion for making OH&S accessible to the unique context of women’s shelters through her work as an ACWS Domestic Violence and the Workplace consultant and an ACWS Leading Change facilitator.


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