Old monkey Tima happy give food from little boy – Tima very hungry too coz her new baby hungry

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Monkeys have always been regarded as fun, adorable and entertainingly witty creatures. If you spend your time to learn more about monkeys you must understand that monkeys look like human a hundred percent because the way they feed baby and everything as human. We found two kinds of monkeys in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Pigtail and long tail monkeys. Pigtail monkeys look more intelligent than Longtail but in this area there are longtail monkeys more than pigtail so longtail always do not allow pigtail live with them. There are a lot of cute baby monkeys and smart baby monkeys. Four groups of monkeys in this area: Amari Group, Ambers Group, Carbzilla Group and Angkor Group.

Time get up

Monkey usually get up so early morning and down the tree to the ground to looking for food. It is depending on the weather, if it is not raining they get up at about 5:00-6:00am but when it is raining they stay longer on the tree sometimes do not down the tree. All baby monkeys and adult monkeys are playing so happily when they get up so early morning, they get fresh air.

Lunch Time

Monkeys take some rest after lunch, go up the tree and sleep for long time and when they are hungry they come to the ground to find more food. Mommy monkeys breastfeeding all the time when baby monkeys need but they sometimes do not share food while they are eating because allow only give fresh milk.

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