On moral philosophy & his life | Peter Singer

Peter Singers draws on his conclusions, and how he enacts his moral code in his everyday life.

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Peter Singer is one of the world’s most important moral philosophers. A secular utilitarian, Peter is perhaps most famous for his passionate defence of veganism and his controversial argument that rich nations have a moral obligation to help the global poor. In this exclusive interview with documentary film-maker Jenny Kleeman, Peter draws on how he came to his radical conclusions, and how he enacts his moral code in his everyday life.

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Described by The New Yorker as “the world’s most influential living philosopher” and known for his book Animal Liberation, Peter Singer specialises in applied ethics. He approaches ethical issues from a secular, utilitarian perspective, arguing in favour of veganism and of donating to help the global poor.Interviewer Jenny Kleeman is a documentary film-maker and journalist who is best known for her work on Channel 4’s foreign affairs series Unreported World and BBC One’s Panorama. Her book Sex Robots & Vegan Meat was published in 2020.

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