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During winter, most people don’t think about warm clothing because they have coats, sweaters and shoes. Many others, especially in poorer regions, do not.

That brings me to World Vision’s cold weather clothing program. From its site: “‘My children say to me that they are cold, but what can I do? I want to warm them with my soul, but that’s not enough. My soul cannot warm them,’” says Dylbere, a struggling Albanian mother.

The post continues: “When families get the helping hand of cold-weather clothing donations, they’re able to stretch their small income to better meet their family’s needs — warming both body and soul. Far beyond physical warmth, the gift of a coat or boots radiates outward and helps make children a little less vulnerable.”

Conservatives often view California, and especially Los Angeles, as economic and political failures. There are an estimated 60,000 Los Angelenos who are homeless and living on the streets. Politics should not factor into helping fellow human beings.

World Vision says these homeless people “…lack access to basic sanitation — toilets and showers — and even clean water. In a city where the sun beats down relentlessly, hygiene is a challenge, especially with COVID-19 closing businesses and public spaces like libraries where those without homes could normally find bathrooms.”


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