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Help Us, Save Lives…

Despite all of modern and alternative medicine’s best approaches, nearly 9 million cancer-related deaths occur every year due to cost, access, and efficacy of current treatment options. Inspired by the loss of loved ones, Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green developed a new arsenal in this war on cancer. This cancer-killing machine successfully eliminates tumors in laboratory mice, after a single 10-minute treatment, in just 15 days without any observable side effects and is ready for human clinical trials.

Dr. Green founded the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation (OraLee.org) to represent and address the needs of the millions of desperate cancer patients who have been sent home to die with no options and no hope. The purpose of our tech-based nonprofit is to translate LANT into humans so that one day, cancer patients will have access to more effective, targeted, and affordable treatments from a cancer nonprofit that focuses on providing more than hope.

Join our efforts to move our cancer treatment out of the laboratory and into humans today! We have the capacity to save lives. With our revolutionary technology, we can. With your support, we will.

Please subscribe and like. Share and ask your friends and family to donate at OraLee.org or text ORA to 71777. Follow @DrHadiyahGreen and @WeAreOraLee on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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