OUR BIGGEST FUNDRAISER EVER – Breast Cancer Research Foundation

This year we decided to really step it up in our fundraising and give everything you pay for your first month of training with us directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation . Attempting for us to make our biggest impact yet.

For this year, if you sign up in October it will all go directly to BCRF.

All you have to do is go to our website and send us your name, email & phone number. We’ll reach out to help you get set up.

You’ll get access to :

-2x/week Semiprivate Training (online or in person)

-Unlimited Group sessions

-Nutrition Consultation & Meal Plan

-Access to our Custom Fitness App where you can track your sleep, steps, meals, heart rate & anything else you could think of

-Access to our Aion Online Fitness Membership Site

Thanks so much for your support… and please don’t forget to send this page to any friends you think might be interested in donating!

For more information email us at : info@aiontraining.com


Thank you so much,

Coach Marcus


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