Pallet shelters ensure homeless PeaceHealth patients recuperate

St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County staff member Jonah McMillin stands in the doorway of one of the Pallet shelters set up along Highway 99 to provide a place for patients from PeaceHealth to recuperate after a visit to the hospital.

Rest is almost always one of the doctor’s orders to newly discharged patients, but that can be a challenge for those with nowhere to go. 

Through a collaboration with St. Vincent de Paul, PeaceHealth gave a $74,000 grant to ensure patients experiencing homelessness have a place to recover after leaving their hospitals and emergency rooms. The grant covers the cost of construction, staffing and operation of five small structures nearby the The Hub, a St. Vincent de Paul clinic providing basic physical and mental health care with the help of Willamette Family, Inc.

“Many of our patients, after they get discharged … need a place to recoup,” said Todd Salnas, chief operating officer of the PeaceHealth Oregon network. “They’re going back to where they were before they walked into the hospital; it’s impossible for them to fully have a chance to recover.”

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