Papa Pink Give food to Poor baby monkey Lucas

Papa Pink Give food to Poor baby monkey Lucas
_This is a big gallery where you can find the real life real activities of monkey in each troops and I hope you had a great time watching our videos.

To assist you more easier, we provided you a story in each videos, please take sometimes to go throw.

I hope to see you back and also i would like to take this opportunity to thanks all of you for your always support our channel.
Update Carbzila Group
1 Samson King
2 Balu big male
3. Krabby (just join group early January 2021)
4 Tachas Big male (just join group Nov 2020)
5 Kiko young male
6 Tara (Chris M and Titan M)
7 Big Bertha (Ginger F. Gino M. Bailee F)
8 Brinn
9 Leyla ( Lucas M)
10 Connie
11 Sumara (Amara F)
12 Bella pigtail monkey
13 Patty orphan
14 Maddie + Malo
15 Marri (join group in Oct 2020)
16 Jovie (Jovan M) (join group in Nov 2020)

Total Carbzilla group only 25

+ Monkey left group (Oct 2020)
1 Fluffy (ex.king)
2 Tomson old big male
3. Barnum (young male hybrid) – now join with Mila Group
4 Ella pigtail monkey
5 Belly

* Pearl Group
1 Longan young male
2 Cruella Alpha female
3 Aliza old female
4 Pearl old


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