People Can't Read Your Mind! – With Jason Khalipa

New week, new episode of Coffee with Khalipa. Today’s episode is about making your intentions known. Sometimes we assume that others know what we think or feel when the fact of the matter is they likely have a lot of other things or tasks on their mind. So whether it’s at work with a manager or employee — or even at home with a loved one — having open communication and being transparent will free you from building up micro-resentments and can open the door to professional and personal growth.

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Jason is the founder of NCFIT, a global fitness company with brick and mortar locations, corporate wellness, and digital services. He is a 3x Team USA CrossFit member and CrossFit Games Champion. A Pediatric Cancer Advocate after his daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2016, host of the Effort Over Everything Podcast, and BJJ Purple Belt.

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