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PerfectVision founder leaves company after lawsuits accuse him of human trafficking and exploiting young women


A hot recent Pulaski County courthouse topic — lawsuits alleging sexual impropriety against a wealthy Little Rock businessman — has burst into the open.

Arkansas Business reports that Terry L. Fleming, who founded PerfectVision Manufacturing, a maker of telecommunications equipment, had resigned from the company after the filing of three similar lawsuits.

The lawsuits were filed by Little Rock lawyer Gene Ludwig. They allege a scheme of  “preying upon young, indigent women with little or no financial safety net.”  The lawsuits say that Fleming lavished spending on them, including cars and private jet travel, in return for sex.

PerfectVision announced Fleming’s departure from the company in a news release and said it had only recently become aware of the allegations. A process server began making the rounds last week, court filings indicate. Employees of the company are among those named in the lawsuits and the company is described as the source of Fleming’s money, but the company said none of the alleged activities occurred in the workplace.

Fleming has himself sued two women in recent months for damages, including one woman mentioned in one of Ludwig’s suits. In one pending case, he said he met a woman at a strip club and she took advantage of his deteriorating mental condition to take his money, use his credit cards and damage his property. He sued another woman with whom he had a personal relationship for the return of a Range Rover.  That suit was dismissed before a decision.

Arkansas Business’ Mark Friedman has a bigger story coming on this in the Monday print edition. The company is one of the state’s largest private companies, AB says. Ludwig’s lawsuits describe Fleming as a 71-year-old billionaire.

Fleming and others have not yet filed responses.

Here’s the first of the three lawsuits, filed on Dec. 24.

It says the plaintiff, Rabekah Fendley, will produce photos, video, texts and testimony that Fleming and others violated the human trafficking act because they “Recruited, harbored, transported, obtained, enticed, solicited, isolated, provided, or maintained Plaintiff and many other women knowing that Plaintiff and the many other women would be subjected to involuntary servitude …” Some photos, texts and affidavits are already on file.

Exhibits include an affidavit from a woman who met Fleming when she was 18 and “very poor.” She said Fleming paid her $500 for sex roughly once a week over a four-year period and took her and others on trips to Florida and the Bahamas in his private jet.

For a reputed billionaire, Fleming has a low Internet profile, though a website that takes aerial photos of homes of the rich and famous featured what it said was a photo of his large home west of Little Rock in 2013.


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