Pets of the Homeless

Im guessing every one of you have at one point walked down a city street and witnessed different homeless people of all sorts. Did know that 25% of homeless people have pets in rural areas?

I know what you all are thinking: Why should someone with zero resources and no steady home be allowed to be responsible for a living animal? I know this because I used to be just like you. When I saw pets with the homeless I just automatically assumed they were miserable and sad that they live with a person of such conditions.

Have you ever thought of things in their perspective? The leading misconception is that the homeless are lazy and do not want jobs or the responsibility that goes with a job. With the economy today, one missed paycheck, a medical diagnosis, or an abusive spouse can put someone into homelessness over night. Pets provide comfort, they are non judgmental, and are extremely loyal. Some provide security from other homeless or from those who discriminate against the homeless with beatings. The homeless get a type of normalcy by providing food and water for their pets instead of getting involved in things like drinking and drugs. It ultimately makes the homeless see hope in their lives and provide faith for the future.

Most homeless sacrifice their own food for their pets . Pet food is hard to come by and most of the money they receive will go towards a food that they are able to share. They are actually well loved and taken care of.

There is an issue of medical treatments for the homeless peoples pets. Vets/business across the country have seen the need to help and want to help the homeless people aid their pets with the right treatments and care. Some have organizations that go out and treat the animals on the spot because being forced to abandon a pet can be a major barrier to engaging the homeless into services.

Want to help? Get involved? Help an owner in need?
Pets for the homeless provide different programs you can donate towards!
-Veterinary care for pets of the homeless (fund veterinarians that go out)
-Emergency case by case veterinary care
-Pet sleeping arrangements at homeless shelters
-Downtown Dog Rescue
-The STAND FOUNDATION (stop torture abuse and neglect of dogs)


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