You are currently viewing Phalaenopsis Orchids – How I get multiple flower spikes! ???

Phalaenopsis Orchids – How I get multiple flower spikes! ???

Today we talk about Phalaenopsis Orchids, as their blooming season is just around the corner!
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In order to obtain multiple flower spikes and a great flowering show from orchids, we need to keep in mind the culture and needs these orchids require, but also know which Phalaenopsis orchids are able to produce the show we are looking for.

1. The best candidates for multiple flower spikes are the complex, flower shop Phalaenopsis. So any orchid can produce a great show, but not all will.
More on Phalaenopsis subgenera

2. I like to preserve the energy of my orchids by removing existing, spent flower spikes. Here is the technique that gives me awesome results

3. Good culture is a must and the most important elements in my opinion are good light and good fertilizing

4. Stress will affect the blooming of Phalaenopsis orchids, here is how to rejuvenate sick orchids

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