Pissed off dog: Mad dog, Barking dog, dangerous dog, hungry dog

Neighbor dog barking. Dog barking sounds. Big dog barking.
Barking Dog. Big dog barking. Dog barking Youtube. Angry dog. Pissed off dog. Dog Medication. The American dog has undergone a big change. Dogs don’t have a big backyard to chase rabbits. Dogs live in an empty house all day and might get 15 minutes or leash time per day. Dogs share closer and smaller living quarters and sees their human family members less. We now have millions of dogs with behavior problems. Just like the video, you are watching. This dog along with his buddy barked for 4 hours without a break.
It is estimated that 47% of all households have a pet dog and over 90 million American dogs live in homes. This does not count the homeless dogs or the new forest dog pacts (groups of 4 or more roaming dogs) that roam the forests, parks and government owned farmlands. It is a known fact that these new wild packs attack just like Alaskan wolves. Make sure you have your dog whistle when you visit the metro parks. Yes this article is for entertainment only. Dog medication may be necessary. Some pet owners do not want to give their dog behavioral medication. That fine, but sometimes these other methods just don’t work. The best approach to treating a behavior problem is behavior change drugs. These behavior modification drugs are given by qualified Doggy Doctors. There are five types of medicines are usually used to treat dogs. These are benzodiazepines (BZs), monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), and tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs). Additionally elective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can be used. This sounds like some of the GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) I eat or what is written in the ingreediance section of most of the food in my kitchen cabinet.
Behavior Problems,
• Fear: Try useing TCA, SSRI, 5-HT agonist OR ALTERNATIVELY- put the dog in the cage in the garage and make it watch dog TV for 90 days 24-7. After that, the dog will so happy he won’t be afraid of anything.
• Thunderstorm or noise; Try BZ, TCA OR ALTERNATATIVY – just put cotton in the dogs ears and wrap duct tape around the dogs head. After a couple weeks, he will get used to duct tape.
• Distress at being left alone or separation anxiety: Try BZ, TCA,
• Compulsive behavior repeating response repeatedly: Try TCA, SSRI, 5-HT agonist
• Excessive Licking: Try TCA, SSRI, 5-HT OR ALTENALY just superglue jalapeño peppers on the dog’s balls, no more ball licking guaranteed.
• Cognitive Dysfunction: Try MAOI, Maybe I need some of this stuff too.
there are also many SIDE EFFECTS just like the prescribe drugs you and I take. The side effects are actually, what the drug was designed to do. Benzodiazepines may have some unwanted side effects like increased appetite, sleeplessness, and increased anxiety in some dogs. Some side effects of Benzodiazepines also have potential Health Issues with the dog’s kidney, liver or blood. This sound familiar, the drugs you and I take also have these similar side effects. This is good, because now you and I get to see another doctor for a new health problem created by drugs that helped control the original problem. The drug people learned from the car mechanics. You bring your can in for an oil change and the mechanic loosens the power steering belt. Next week you need a new power steering belt.
You see, this whole drug thing is very good for business.
Not only do they want to put you on drugs, they now want to put your dog on drugs. If it were up to me, I would take the barking dog to the Metro Parks the dog hang with the other pack dogs. They will be much happier and can roam and be free in gods land. Then when they get hungry, they will attack your children and eat them. This will help lower the earth’s pollution, help control global warming and the Illuminati Reptilian Blood Line GMO Money Printing World Order Leaders can spank their monkeys. Literally, they have monkeys they spank during their satanic rituals. The end. You see I am no different from your media, I just made up half this stuff.
Pissed off dog. Angry Dog. Dog barking Youtube. Big dog barking. Dog barking sounds. Neighbor dog barking


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