Prison Cellie Won't Share Food With His Hungry Homie

There is nothing nice in prison and you always have to watch your back. The only thing you can ever trust behind you in prison is a concrete wall. Even your so-called “homies” will smile in your face one second, and then the next they will shank you with some prison steel. Do you want to spend the next ten years in prison wondering if your road dog is going to move on you? Do you want to live like that? It’s kill or be killed, and lie or die, behind those cold prison walls.

If you are young and tender when you go to prison, you might have a booty bandit who wants to turn you out. Some swole cat doing a life-bid will make you grab your ankles when you are alone in the cell with him. In prison, its not looked down upon by some people to take someone’s manhood. If you are young, you had better think long and hard if you want to go down that road.

Do you think that you are a man because you can pull out your burner and dump on your enemies? That doesn’t make you a man. Anybody can do that. A man supports, and protects his family, you can’t do that in prison. A man is there for his children, he doesn’t abandon them for his “homies” who really don’t even care for him when push comes to shove. How many cats doing “all day” even hear from their homies on the streets anymore? The only people who are there for them is their family, not their “homies.”

If you are a young man you don’t ever want to go to prison. Trust me, wasting away in a prison cell while the world passes you by is the dumbest thing you could ever do. Be a man, support your family and be there for them. Life is short, don’t waste it on ignorant people and fruitless endeavors. Do you want your kids calling somebody else pops and your lady loving another man while you are stuck in a prison cell? If you go to the penitentiary that is exactly what is going to happen to you. All prison boils down to is a bunch of hard-heads telling the same old lies, day after day, for years on end! Be a man, stand on your own two feet and be there for your loved ones!

The main purpose of these videos is to show young people that bad choices have consequences and the state penitentiary is no joke. There is nothing nice in prison and I don’t want them to ruin their future by doing something stupid that could land them in prison. We need to mentor our children and lead them in the right direction.

I came from a fatherless home and as a teenager I was jumped into a street gang. I landed in county jail and I also spent several calendars on the mainline in prison. I want to give something back to my community however small it may be. I firmly believe that boys growing-up without positive male role models in their life is the leading factor in them turning to street gangs for camaraderie. That is my story and the main factor behind my videos, Peace!


This page is not monetized, and it will never be. Just so it’s clear, I have never made any money from any video on this YouTube channel. This channel has been a labor of love from the very beginning, and it will remain so.


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