Prostate Cancer Discoveries | New and emerging frontiers in the treatment of prostate cancer

Australia is about to embark on a review of the nation’s guidelines for prostate cancer testing, creating an opportunity to change the way we manage the disease. The move occurs in parallel with new and emerging treatment options that have vastly improved the way we diagnose and treat prostate cancer.

This webinar brings together experts from across different fields to talk about the horizons for new treatments and care. It will touch on robotic and open prostatectomies, advances in radiotherapy, and the frontlines of research into side-effect management and treatment of erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

If you or a loved one has been impacted by prostate cancer, this conversation is for you.

Matthew Britland
President, Medical Affairs Professionals of Australasia

Associate Professor Prem Rashid
Urologist, President of USANZ

Dr Tanya Holt
Radiation Oncologist, Icon Cancer Centre

Bernard Riley
General Manager Supportive Care Programs, PCFA
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