Psychostick Concert: The Unknown Enemy

Psychostick plays another heavy metal show in space, but a new enemy emerges from the depths of the unknown. How will our team of music-playing nomads face this new threat?

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LIVE Thursdays at 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central. Half of all tips go to a new charity each week.

This Week’s Charity:

0:00 Hello
2:00 Psychostick in Event Horizon
4:20 Numbers/Dogs Like Socks
7:35 PLUH
12:31 Last week’s top donors
17:20 Charity Deets
18:20 President Rhino
24:00 Bruce Campbell (Pirate Vocals version)
32:00 Scrotal Torment
38:55 50% GOAL GET
39:10 Hate Time 8 (Josh’s Pedal Hates Him version)
46:45 Birthday Blasts
50:00 BEER
55:40 TV Medley: Bill Nye/Reading Rainbow/’Doom Song’ from Invader Zim
1:00:55 Orgasm = Love
1:10:30 Minimum Rage (Hoedown version)
1:13:55 Oh shite…. A Message From TubeSHiP
1:15:15 Obey The Beard
1:22:10 ¡Mi Queso!
1:28:10 Uhhhnngg
1:30:20 Don’t Eat My Food
1:34:50 Jingle Bell Metal/Silent Night
1:40:35 Because Boobs (TUBES)
1:47:55 Bacon Egg And Cheese On Toast With Sriracha
1:51:45 Jägermeister Love Song
1:52:30 100% Goal GET!
1:55:45 DO (Tube Version)
1:59:40 So. HEAVY.
2:04:20 The SpaceTube is Defeated! Happy End!

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