PT 360: Social Issues L1 Women Issues (June 2016 to December 2020) | 5 Years Prelims Current Affairs

Synopsis IAS PT 360 Degree is a Course for 5 years Current Affairs for Prelims. Videos for this are free at YouTube. It includes Current Affairs from June 2016 to May 2021.
Total Course Duration is approx 25 Hours for full 5 Years.
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You can incorporate the same strategy while doing self study.
Course Overview:
* Number of Pages in Synopsis IAS PT 360 Degree: Approx. 300. At least one-third of The Market.
* Course Fee: Rs. 1499, After Discount Rs. 1099
* Video Lectures are Free.
* PDF in Hindi and English Medium
Synoptic way of learning: Reduce bulky material and compilations
Only exam-oriented material: No garbage material

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** The following Subjects are includes:

1. Indian Polity. 2. International Relations. 3. Social Issues. 4. Environment, Geography, and Maps. 5. Economy. 6. Art and Culture. 7. Science And Technology. 8. Governance: Ministries, Schemes, Policies, Acts, and Bills.

All the subjects are segregated into topics and Subtopics. Eg. Social issues PT is segregated into 9 subtopics:

1. Women. 2. Children. 3. Other Vulnerable Sections. 4. Education. 5. Health. 6. Drug Abuse Issues. 7. Food and Nutrition. 8. Index and Reports. 9. Miscellaneous.

** The Women Topic is again segregated into its related subtopics:
1.1 International Initiatives. 1.2 Marriage, Divorce, and Inheritance. 1.3 Violence and Harassment. 1.4 National Initiatives. 1.5 Motherhood. 1.6 Women Education. 1.7 Women Health.
1.8 Schemes related to women are covered in Governance PT under Ministry of Women and Child Development.
** All other Subjects are similarly built.


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