You are currently viewing ‘Rahab’s Rope’ helps fight human trafficking on the other side of the world

‘Rahab’s Rope’ helps fight human trafficking on the other side of the world


Rahab’s Rope sells everything from jewelry to home goods, online and at stores across the country. But, the heart of this company is not what in it sells, but rather in its primary mission.

“Rahab’s Rope exists to empower women and children in the fight against human trafficking,” said Jennifer Lundsford, the director of sales for Rahab’s Rope.

Lundsford’s mother, Vickie Moore, founded the nonprofit after reading about human trafficking online, and then learning about the problem first-hand during a family trip to India.

“We learned that human trafficking has many layers and you have beggary, you have forced labor of minors and adults and then you have the whole realm of sex trafficking, “explained Lundsford.

So, the company opened training centers in parts of India, giving vulnerable women and children a chance for life-altering change through education.

“Education and teaching these people how to get a job, teaching them a trade when there’s no opportunity that’s what we needed to do and we knew that we could do that,” said Lundsford. “We have these centers in India and we have women come to these different buildings that we operate out of and so they learn vocational training. They learn how to get a job, education, and they’re making products that we then ship here to the U.S.”

Lundsford says she pays the women up front per piece, instead of waiting for the products to be sold first.

“That’s teaching them different life skills: it’s teaching them how to budget, it’s teaching them how to be sustainable,” she said.

The organization also helps many of the working moms with child care and childrens’ education. Rahab’s Rope has roughly 160 women working in India making products for them: women who otherwise could have become a tragic trafficking statistic.

Lundsford says it’s life changing to see these women go from having zero confidence and no hope to being a bright and thriving person with a job and being given the opportunity for education.

“Looking at the beautiful products that these women are making and just knowing that each purchase you’re truly changing the lives of somebody, you’re giving them hope and opportunity they never had before this,” said Lundsford.

Click here to visit the Rahab’s Rope website and see the products these women are making and learn more about how Rahab’s Rope is continuing it’s fight human trafficking and what you can do to help.


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