Ramadan Traditional Food | Feeding The Homeless In Sheffield City Centre | Quarantine

Ramadan Traditional Food | Feeding The Homeless In Sheffield City Centre | Quarantine

I complete many charity projects which are not all recorded. Some which I’m very passionate about are filmed for raising awareness. Watch me and my younger brothers help serve the homeless in Sheffield Town Centre once a week. Respect to the brothers and sisters that take the local homeless in consideration. Many people are very ignorant to the poor and needy around us. Think about your community aswell as the whole wide world.
Watch us serve chicken biryani-

Watch my recipe for my Pilau style Biryani!!! Very tasty!!!

Enjoy 3 different types of samosas and spring rolls with Chinese, Punjabi and Mediteranian flavours. Very tasty and one of the simplist ways of cooking these for Ramadan pre-prep. Add extra chillies, garlic and masala for Apna Style. Was cooked with a mild flavour for the homeless in town centre. Served the ones in need near enough 40 portions mashallah. May Allah give me enough strength and wealth to feed much more in’sha’Allah and help guide them on the right path towards the heaven doors.๐Ÿคฒ
Link for all three mouth watering recipes in this video-

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Week 1-
Week 2-
Week 3-
Week 4-

Watch my family’s kebab recipe Pataan style. Unique recipe!!!

Spring rolls
Help the needy and the poor
Raise awareness
Sheffield city centre

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