Raqim Foundation's current and ongoing projects

Who we are:
Founded in 2005 by Afghan Americans, the Raqim Foundation is an all-volunteer, US-based 501c3 nonprofit organization that works to alleviate poverty in Afghanistan. Our aim is to empower the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan – destitute families, orphans, natural disaster victims – by partnering with
like-minded local and international nonprofit organizations to create high impact projects; and to provide financial and technical assistance to grassroots groups, as well as dedicated individuals, directly involved in implementing community-based development and relief projects.

Our first-of-its kind telemedicine project made quality healthcare accessible to people living in remote areas. We also launched a program to reduce poverty for rural Afghan women by creating income generating opportunities in horticulture, and established sewing classes in several provinces to teach women marketable skills that can be used to start a micro enterprise. Over the years we have helped to establish two health clinics and a dental clinic providing free services for the needy, and participated in many relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters.

Please visit our website for more information – www.raqimfoundation.org


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