Rather than only receiving gifts, a young member of the community


Maggie Zirbel said she received way more socks than expected and is excited to give back.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — “I had no idea that my Mom was doing that, and I thought I was only gonna get a couple of pairs, a couple of pairs is better than no pairs, but when I saw five baskets full, I was totally surprised,” said Maggie Zirbel, an 11-year-old who’s giving back to the community. 

Ericka, Maggie’s mom, lets her kids pick out a “want,” a “need,” a “wear” and a read” each year. This year, Maggie wanted to give socks to people who are homeless. 

Ericka, posted to social media asking her friends and family to donate socks to Maggie’s “want” this year. 

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“I saw a commercial somewhere that said the most wanted Christmas idea for homeless people is socks, and I thought for my want…  I should give homeless people socks,” said Maggie. 

Giving during the holiday season often a part of many people’s lives, but Maggie says that right now, it’s even more important to give.

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“Well, with all that’s going on, I felt like people needed more help,” said Maggie. “I felt like this was the time I should do it, I get presents but they don’t? And I thought that they should get presents and enjoy as well.”

Maggie and Ericka plan on calling First Stop in the morning, a local homeless shelter, in order to get those socks to people who need them.

“I feel like it’s just important because who couldn’t use an extra helping hand? So, I thought that I should help people out who need help,” said Maggie. 

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