You are currently viewing Reasons for Hope: COVID and the Coming Year | A GZERO Media Town Hall

Reasons for Hope: COVID and the Coming Year | A GZERO Media Town Hall

GZERO Media is partnering with Eurasia Group and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to discuss the road ahead in the global response to the COVID crisis. Will there be more multilateral cooperation on issues like gender equality moving forward from the pandemic?

Our panel is hosted by CNBC health care correspondent Bertha Coombs, along with Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, and Mark Suzman, CEO of the Gates Foundation.

We are grateful to our distinguished expert guests:
– Heidi Larson, Director, The Vaccine Confidence Project
– Minouche Shafik, Director of London School of Economics & Political Science
– Madeleine Albright, Chair, Albright Stonebridge Group and Albright Capital Management; former US Secretary of State.

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