Refuge for 8 – Oбiйми (Океан Эльзм Cover)

Charity Concert
House of Music. Berlin

Xenia Ost – Viola, Vocal, Violin, Arrangements (Russia)
Cello/ Виолончель – Christian Tan @nakedcellist (Holland)
Сello – Lina Lina___Music (Ukraine)
Piano – Gerry Senco @gerrysenco (Mexico)
Brazilian drums & percussion – Adam Pawel Dziewialtowski-Gintowt @adampawel. (Poland)
Vocal, Piano – Angelina Cernyshova @angelin_cherny. (Ukraine)
Vocal, Violin, Piano – Dari Liman @Dari_liman (Kasachstan)
Vocal – Marina Ray @Marina.molly.ray (Ukraine)
Violin 1 – Kseniya Koshkina @kseniya_koshkina (Ukraine)
Violin 2, Vocal – Daria Piankova @doraviolinart. (Ukraine)
Violin 3 – Nika @nis_niks_ (Ukraine)
Guitar – Kostia Timoshenko @timoshenko.kostia (Ukraine)
Guitar, Bass, Drums – Viktor (Ukraine)
Ukulele – Nadya (Ukraine)


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