Reinvent Philanthropy (Roundtable) | Reinvent America

Our participants examined the case for a reconfiguration of philanthropy based on the alignment of developments in five areas: rules, resources, metrics, technologies, and data.

Participants include:
Katherine Fulton – Director with Deloitte Consulting LLP & President of Monitor Institute
Clara Miller – President of The F. B. Heron Foundation
Mari Kuraishi – Co-Founder & President of GlobalGiving
Lucy Bernholz – Research Scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Philanthropy & Civil Society
Peter Leyden – Founder of Reinvent

About this series: American politics is paralyzed and polarized, and many Americans worry that we aren’t moving quickly enough to rise to the many challenges of the 21st-century. This inaugural season of Reinvent America series spanned the gamut of fields that were ripe for reinvention and pulled together can-do innovators who worked in virtual roundtables on next generation ideas about how to solve our most pressing problems.

About Reinvent: Reinvent gathers top innovators in video conversations to fundamentally reinvent our world.


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