Reinventing food banks and pantries new tools to end hunger

Dr. Katie Martin is my guest on Episode 81 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley.

Katie is a thought leader with 25+ years of experience in anti-hunger work. She is the Executive Director of the Foodshare Institute for Hunger Research & Solutions. Katie is also the author of a new book “Reinventing Food Banks and Pantries: New Tools to End Hunger”. Katie has dedicated her career to researching food insecurity, talking with individuals who experience food insecurity, visiting food banks and food pantries, and creating programs to provide more long-term solutions to hunger. Her goal is to create a paradigm shift in the charitable food system to move from short-term transactions of food to long-term transformations of lives. She has learned and is still learning from others.

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00:00 – Reinventing food banks and pantries new tools to end hunger
01:27 – Introduction of Inside Ideas guest Dr. Katie Martin with Marc Buckley
03:05 – How have you weathered this crazy time?
03:44 – Writing and working with Island Press
04:52 – The root causes of hunger
06:28 – Effect on Food Pantries during Covid
08:04 – What a Foodbank is
09:04 – Created a drive-through distribution
11:45 – Diane Hatz with Change Food
14:15 – Food programs and history
18:13 – Holistic view and coordination
19:30 – Children reliant on food in school
20:50 – Increased food insecurity
25:11 – People in the US without an ID card
26:22 – Structural barriers
29:29 – Do you feel like a Global Citizen?
31:28 – Example of Global Citizens
32:50 – Tools and Tips in the book
36:55 – Changing the language
40:03 – How to address the route causes
41:52 – Food waste in the US
42:28 – Director Sanjay Rawal on Inside Ideas
43:27 – Irish potato famine
44:58 – Creative innovative solutions in the book
45:44 – Transition to empowering people
46:48 – Great examples of good work and healthy food
48:16 – The Vermont Foodbank
50:38 – If you cheapen food you cheapen life
51:30 – The burning question, WTF What is the Future?
56:38 – How you define hunger and food insecurity
59:53 – Sustainable Takeaway
1:00:24 – What should young adults in your field think about?
1:01:41 – What I wish I knew from the start


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