Remix EQ Live! The Philanthropy Show

Watch as Tesmerelna Atsbeha, Senior Program Officer at Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, and Dr. Angela DeBarger, Education Program Officer at William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, lift the veil on philanthropy. They share their career pathways and how they entered into the field of philanthropy to advance equity.

As Tesmer discusses her pursuit of gender justice, she underscores that how the work is performed is as important as the work themselves. And Dr. DeBarger explains why open education resources (OER) are key to empowering students and teachers within their learning communities to access high-quality, culturally-responsive curriculum materials.

Both speak about navigating the field of philanthropy as Black women and how institutional change is necessary for them (and others like them) to bring their full self to their work. And this all against the backdrop of a changing field in terms of representation and policies and practices that repair historical inequities in an effort to make the world a more just place.


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