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Republican Shares Video of Woman Claiming Beyoncé Trafficked Her


Angela Stanton-King, a Republican from Georgia who recently lost her race for Congress in a landslide, promoted a video on Twitter this week that accused everyone from President-elect Joe Biden and Whoopi Goldberg to Beyoncé of human trafficking.

Stanton-King, known for being one of a growing number of conservative political hopefuls to espouse the QAnon conspiracy theory, shared the video on Tuesday to her more than 206,000 followers.

“Human trafficking victim releases hour long video on IG,” Stanton-King began, “Accusing Joe Biden, Beyoncé, Chrissy Tiegen, Ellen, Ron Jeremy, Whoopi and more of sex trafficking, witchcraft, and torture. Her IG is @xoodyssey the video is full of some serious allegations. I’m praying for her safety.”

Several of the celebrities mentioned in the clip have long been targets of QAnon believers. Chrissy Tiegen, for example, has repeatedly been harassed online by conspiracy theorists who falsely accuse her of being tied to deceased convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

The Instagram account of the woman in the video includes numerous references to child trafficking. And while the woman’s past is unclear, analysis of her Facebook page shows repeated mention of debunked claims popular among followers of QAnon and the Pizzagate conspiracy.

As noted by Twitter user @dappergander, who investigates far-right movements online, the woman’s Facebook page claims that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton eats babies after boiling them in a cauldron.

Stanton-King’s promotion of such content shows just how entrenched mainline conservatism has become in conspiracy culture.

The failed candidate made headlines earlier in 2020 after spreading the conspiracy that the home-goods retailer Wayfair was secretly trafficking children inside of cabinets sold on its website.

Despite her outlandish beliefs, Stanton-King was invited to the White House in February to attend a discussion on African American History Month set up by President Donald Trump.

Before entering politics, Stanton-King made a name for herself as a BET reality TV star. Stanton-King’s run for congress in 2020 came not long after she received a full pardon from Trump. Stanton-King had served two years in prison for her involvement in a 2004 car theft conspiracy.

*First Published: Nov 11, 2020, 9:30 pm

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