Rescue Poor Puppy who Seizures in the Forest Because Eating Food Poisoning

This poor little puppy was found seizure in the forest a woman (มล ถิรนันท์ เอกมาตย์). The woman rushed to pick up the poor puppy to the nearest vet hospital…

The vet said he was poisoned by eating food poisoning. He was in a serious condition but it’s lucky he’s arrived at the vet in time. He also suffered from dehydration, severe malnourished because he never had proper food to eat…

He’s so weak. His life is so terribly painful but it’s lucky he had been rescued and treated…

We would like to thank everyone that involved in saving this little puppy and give him a happy life forever.

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Courtesy: นอม หนึ่งฤทัย ใจมงคล #animalstep


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