Rich Unpopular Girl VS Poor Popular Girl | How to Become Popular at School by Kaboom Zoom!

Who has it better? Rich unpopular girl or poor popular girl? What kind of funny situations will they get themselves into at school? Find out in our new rich student vs poor student video! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more DIY school ideas & awkward moments by Kaboom Zoom!

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Fancy Bag
Water Cup
Pop It Game
School Vacation
Prom Photo
Morning Routine
Greasy Burgers
Cheap Computer Fix
Plastic Bottle Shower
Sponge Balloon
Taped Cup
Instant Noodle Pizza
Mistaken Homeless Man
Bag Alternative
Sports Bra DIY
Saving Water
Homework Bribe
Toothpaste Squeeze
Ruined T-Shirt – Cool T-Shirt
Selling A Computer
VR Vs Imagination
Buying Points
Playing In Class
Mobile Fight For Soda

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