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Rich vs Poor Students – Wolfoo Feels Sad Because of Bufo’s Behavior: Bufo always shows himself rich by eating fancy dishes such as noodles, sausages, colorful pizza, and disparaging Wolfoo’s lunch box. Bufo also shows off new toys but does not allow Wolfoo and Pando to play with him. Wolfoo feels sad because of Bufo’s bad behavior so he doesn’t play with Bufo. Will Bufo realize his mistake to apologize to Wolfoo. Let’s enjoy this video to learn good behavior.
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The episodes in video:
03:10 No No, Wolfoo’s Misunderstanding
06:22 Wolfoo gets surprise toys
09:49 Wolfoo Playing in Upside Down PlayHouse
13:06 Wolfoo Pretend Play Train Toy
16:14 Wolfoo Learns Solar Eclipse
19:17 Relay Race for kid
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Producer – Ly Tran
Director – Ninh Bui
Scriptwriter – Bich Nguyen
Artist – Tan Pham, Ngan Mai, Linh Pham
Animator – Linh Pham, Thuong Nguyen, Hieu Dinh, Hop Nguyen, Tuan Nguyen, Ngoc Nguyen, Nhung Nguyen
Compositor – Linh Nguyen, Nana, Son Nguyen


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