Ripoff Mobile Games Have Gone TOO FAR

Copyright law can’t save you. NO ONE IS SAFE. Imagine a world where every core game mechanic of Escape From Tarkov is on a phone LOL

00:00 Introduction to the memes

00:59 Drink puddle water (post-intro)

1:33 Mobile games get sued every time I do this and everyone blames me

2:17 Awful CS:GO Ripoff

3:33 Terrible Rogue Company Mobile Ripoff

3:53 GTA, but it’s actually almost better

4:49 Barely worth mentioning

5:00 THE ULTIMATE MOBILE RIPOFF of all the games mashed together

5:36 Definitely real reviews that were FOR SURE not paid for

6:05 Back to the ULTIMATE RIPOFF lol

6:57 The Ripoff that went TOO FAR

9:17 The CHAD

9:45 Why they might actually get sued lol

Wait…. Area F2…. is COMING BACK!?

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